About Us

A Preface to Organic Steam
Clean of Indy, LLC

The Cleaners for Picture-Perfect Pristine Carpeting

Our licensed and insured services of trusted cleaners wash away all allergens, infectious particles, dirt, grime and stains to render the finest degree of purification. Our 20 years of experience have made us everyone's ultimate choice for clear and well-scrubbed carpets and it has everything to do with our service quality.

Remember, we clean your carpets not your pockets. In fact, we include no hidden fees, or per square footage charge. Rest assured, even our pre-treatment of high traffic areas is included in all pricing. So say goodbye to triggers of asthma attacks, nasal congestion, itchy eyes, and every allergic reaction to give a warm receptions to soft, neat and clean carpets! Book with us and reap the benefits of superior cleaning services!

Our Mission

We aspire to exceed the highest customer satisfaction to build loyal patronage and strong relationships. Surely, our company prioritizes its customers above and over anything. We are a body that has its principles set in stone, where you always come first!

Our Philosophy

We seek to offer the sovereign quality in what we do- because what we do, we do best. In essence, our cleaning service contains no harsh chemicals to ensure children and pet safety. Our greatest concern is your and your loved ones’ welfare along with the promise to work with honest integrity.

For this reason, we have no concealed inclusive fees, bait or any switch tactics. With our upfront costs, we aim to be the only reliable service providers you can depend on. Indeed, we offer complete quality insurance and a guarantee to never disappoint!

Why Us?

We stand apart because of our safest and most organic cleaning products. That too, along with upfront costs. We are in constant pursuit to find what is in your best interests. And so, we work hard to provide children, pets and environmental friendly solutions. Surely, we choose you in every step of the way. As you depend on us for every stain that blemishes the eye from seeing anything but perfection, we never disappoint.

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