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Let’s hear it from those who have tried and trusted us.

It was after hours upon hours of dowsing water, washing, scrubbing, and drying it in sunlight that I realized removing the stains, bad smell, and dirt settled in my lounge rug was beyond my competence. That’s when my sister-in-law introduced me to Organic Steam Clean of Indy. What a lifesaver! Now, my carpet does not just smell pleasant but also looks as good as new. Highly recommended!
Thanks to Organic Steam Clean of Indy, LLC, now I can invite guests and not have guests not giving me advice for washing powders and cleaning tactics. On the exact contrary, now they ask me for tips. Utmost convenience, insured quality, and ultimate standard of speckless carpets- what else could I have asked for?
Often my puppy came sneezing and wheezing after crawling over the carpets, and when my toddler did the same- I knew it was all the chemicals, dirt, bacteria, and their harmful effects. So, I heard some reviews and checked out Organic Steam Clean of Indy- the best decision of my life. With less frequent visits to the pediatricians and vets, I can finally have some peace of mind- and a cleaner house! 10/10 to the friendly staff too!
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